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The primary goals of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union are:

Decent Work.

Decent wages.

Occupational health and safety.

Assistance in creation of both pension and medical insurance funds and introduction of mechanisms of additional social security.

Protection of the rights of workers in questions of employment, working hours, rest and social guarantees.

Legal protection of BITU members.

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About BITU

The Belarusian Independent trade union of Miners, Chemical workers, Oil-refiners, Energy, Transport, Construction and other workers. The Belarusian Independent Trade Union. BITU. (Белорусский независимый профсоюз горняков, химиков, нефтепереработчиков, энергетиков, транспортников, строителей и других работников, БНП) — Rus.

Founded on October, 6th 1991 as The Independent Trade Union of Miners of Belarus (ITUMB) on June, 3rd 1993 in Soligorsk on the initiative of the extraordinary Congress of the Belarusian Independent Trade union of Miners it was renamed into the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BITU).

Since April, 18th 2015 Mikalaj Zimin is the chairperson of BITU.
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